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The Three Mason Road is a historic path that traverses the diverse landscapes of Westan Heran. As a main trade route and a significant catalyst for settled life in the region, it offers both opportunities and challenges to intrepid adventurers.
Legend has it that the Three Mason Road was crafted by three skilled stonemasons centuries ago. Its construction aimed to connect distant settlements and foster trade, leading to the flourishing of civilization in Westan Heran.
Three Mason road goes around most of Westan and connects all of the major settlements and places of interest. Rolling hills and vast grasslands offer a scenic but dangerous route along this road.
Many trade caravans also travel along the Three Mason Road, bringing unique artefacts from distant lands. Due to the long way that these caravans are known to have travelled, they are especially vulnerable to unscrupulous types who wish to plunder their goods.
The Sagri Dwarves are descendants of the aforementioned stonemasons. They walk a pilgramage, several times a year, along the Three Mason Road to various crypts situated along it. They are also the defacto stewards of this road and its crypts - each taking great pride in their length of the road that they survey and maintain.
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