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In the heart of the Southern Howling Forest, a narrow trail winds its way through the ancient trees.
The air is thick with a mysterious energy, and the foliage creates a canopy that obscures much of the sunlight, casting dancing shadows on the ground below.
A convoy of horse-drawn wagons makes its way cautiously along this trail, its passengers and cargo enigmatic in nature. The wagons are adorned with faded symbols and sigils, hinting at the mystical pursuits of those within. The travelers, a diverse group of individuals from different walks of life, each carry a secret purpose, their destinations veiled in secrecy.
Whispers among the locals speak of this convoy as an enigmatic group that ventures through the Southern Howling Forest only when the celestial alignment is just right, as if guided by forces beyond mortal comprehension. Legends tell of the wagons' ability to traverse hidden paths, appearing in different realms and lands, bringing both wondrous treasures and profound mysteries to those they encounter.
Rumors have spread of the convoy's latest journey, led by culinary experts and brewers, known for their wealth of lost knowledge, who are traveling from town to town and court to court sharing news and spreading the propaganda of their employers.
Eager minds are drawn to their table, for it is said that their recipes are encoded with secrets, both old and new.
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This map collection is also part of a Woodlands bundle of 4 different Woodland map collections

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