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Ridhag, the Wizard King and Laird of Lumpville, gallavants with his roaming band of feral magicians ravaging the coastlines of Heran. They can often be seen depositing all of their loot in purpose-built treasure caches like the one depicted above.
There are more than a handful of these caches splintered along the coast of both the Big and Little Coor Rivers.
The loot from these caches is distributed by Ridhag's serfs and lackies, according to Ridhag's Directives.
The entrance to these gated bastions are normally warded (as seen on the First floor by the purple warding over the front gate). These are said to always be done by Ridhag himself.
The wood surrounding the hard granite walls isn't your average wood - it is treated Direpeakian Dark Wood which is strengthened by the tides and winds of the ocean and binded with time, thus the older these caches get, the more fortified they become.
Anybody that is in the know, will find it commonknowledge that all the delivery carriages collecting from these caches follow a strict regime.
The procedures are always the same, however, dates and times for collection operations are a tightly kept secret guarded by the upper echelons of Ridhag's organisation.
All of Ridhag's caches are equipped with the latest technology that coinage can buy, as can be seen by the reinforced anti-boarding ballistas that come standard with every treasure cache, along with a very sensitive but secure vault system at the top of the cache towers.

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