Every year, mysterious figures clad in wolfskin make sure to fill this chasm with fresh corpses in a bid to sate their lunar goddess. Legend has it that if Persephone is not sated, she will not return and the cold will continue to have its grip on the land..
This is a widely-recognised practice that is often condemned by the masses, though these opinions are largely fueled by ignorance. If this pit is not sated with offerings on a yearly basis, pink fumes that flicker like flame will appear as if seeping from the fallen entity that rests at the bottom of this crevasse.
Throughout the rest of the year, this location is often travelled through by many, be they merchants or wandering messengers. The large mass in the crevasse has been a landmark for centuries but as the tale above suggests, during winter months these travellers will stay away from this area and seek alternative routes for it is said that if you hear the howls of a wolf followed by a sinister laughter, you know the folk garbed in pelts are closeby and may just be looking for another sacrifice.
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