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Dunning-Kruger Cave is a recently resurveyed cave under the city of Tera Wall.
The first conductor of this cave stated that the large subterranean pathways would never flood and that it should be freely open to tourists.
However, as guests began to pour into the cave, the conductor foolishly ignored the moisture that could be seen dripping along the cave walls.
After several months of ignorant defiance, the cave conductor and several of his upper echelon lackies lost their lives as the cave roof gave way, releasing an onslaught of watery retribution.
A second survey later took place after this unpleasant event and surely enough, evidence of a yearly flood, flushing out the stonework, was found.
Though the cave is closed to the public 6 months out of the year to allow for the subterranean flooding to take its course, tourists still venture down to marvel at the stonework and unusual fauna growing so far below.

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