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There are many trails upon the Derentine Mountains; the vast majority of which are filled with hazardous drops. Only those prepared to traverse them are likely to reach their destination.
Though it is unlikely you will find anyone that will settle close to these trails, at least above the ground, there are a few derelict buildings and makeshift huts scattered around and built for a wide array of reasons.
For example, the Derentine Mountains are home to a large variety of wildlife that take refuge on the cliffy banks and the night sky often reveals the full cosmos at its finest over the skies of Heran, making the mountains a great viewpoint.
One of the most common sights seen upon these trails are the travelling bands of Denric religions, the vast majority of which fall under the banner of Denric Sages. These polite and pacifist people like to share stories, wine and food with strangers as they progress on their pilgrimage.

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