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Gemanon Street is a small location nestled in the larger mysterious settlement of Enoch. The roads that form the distinct symbol of Gemini reflect the duality and balance that characterizes the surrounding area.
Two stores in close proximity vie for the attention of the townsfolk, each offering its own unique wares and ambiance. The first store is a lower-end establishment, its shelves filled with basic supplies, essential provisions, and humble curiosities. Its warm and inviting atmosphere welcomes travelers and locals alike. Right across from the modest store lies its high-end counterpart. This opulent emporium radiates an air of sophistication, adorned with intricate carvings and exquisite tapestries. Here, rare artifacts, magical trinkets, and exotic potions entice discerning customers seeking only the finest and most exclusive goods.
In the center of this location, flanked by the competing stores, are two distinctive houses that contribute to the settlement's mystique. The first house serves as a dwelling for a wise herbalist witch, rumoured to dabble in some darker pastimes. With an enchanting garden for recreation on one end of the house and a recently harvested herb garden on the other, this abode is adorned with vibrant blooms and aromatic herbs. Visitors seek the witch's counsel for healing remedies, divination, and magical rituals. Just a stone's throw away resides a peculiar house, home to a mad alchemist. His private laboratory is filled with bubbling cauldrons, sizzling flasks, and a myriad of strange contraptions. The alchemist spends their days experimenting with volatile concoctions and brewing potions that elicit awe and wonder.
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