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Three Ladies Hold is located within The Pack Hills in central northern Westan and is one of the 12 strongholds that make up the city state of Direpeak.
The Laird of Three Ladies Hold dedicated its construction to his three closest companions. His loving wife, known simply as The Lady, Phoebe, a feline of the Tobean Dynasty, and the Laird's head canine, Saffy the Howler.
The Laird, being part of a powerful family, oversees the populus that reside within his hold. Alongside the staff, troops and citizens, an order of wizards also live within the grounds and they hold a great sway of power.
The Laird attempts to control the balance of power between his family, the order of wizards and the knights who fight for him. 
This fortified settlement is one of the three holds built before Direpeak's formation, thus it is filled with many layers of history, artifacts and secrets.
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