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The Gilded Cockerel is a fairly large establishment known for its variety of stews and signature home-brewed ale "Gold Clucks". The owner Denric Gord tries to keep the place respectable, however, the establishment has secretly started to use snake venom extract to replace the lack of Fairy Dust in the town; a substance which Denric uses for his famous ales.
The tavern began its dealings in the town only in the last 100 years, though its fine ale has seen the establishment grow into the most popular destination for travellers to stay in Turnhip. 
This does not go down so well with its competitor The Rusty Ladle. Furthermore, the Gilded Cockerel’s main supplier of ingredients has struck a deal to only sell its selection of goods to this fine tavern, leaving any others lacking in the quality that Farafield Supply Wagons provide.
The Gilded Cockerel is part of the Bastion housing curtain-wall surrounding the town, giving Denric Gord high status in the community. 
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