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The Mason Road connects the nation of Duke in the cold north-east of Westan, to the warming waters by the shores of Westan's entrance to Bridgetown.
The ancients who built the Mason Road are known as the Forgotten Precursors. Many oddities of all realms populate this vast and winding stone road.
Room Road Way is but one of these many oddities.
Littered along the pathway between the Meadow Glades and the Valley of the Warsworn, small rectangular buildings fill the roads landscape.
The Woodland Folk of Danann are the main culprits for taking up residence in these ancient dwellings.
Scattered throughout all of Heran, the folk of Danaan populate the landscape where the wilds of the forest meet the frontiers of civilisation.
These people thrive on living off the edge of the civilised world and are known for their durability and resilience.
In recent years, scholars of Tera Wall have come to the realisation that the culture of the Danaan is one of the oldest known in all of the history of civilisation.

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