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As you head east from Arth Weddill, even the most novice of trackers will be able to notice the darkening and thickening of the foliage. This is an early warning for anyone that you are heading into the territory of Many-eyed Bush.
The skittering and hisses from the darkness are a clear sign that something hungry is lurking within the shadows. If one starts to see a collection of red dots in the corner of their eye, that is the gaze of the many-eyed creatures, tracking your movements.
Experienced travellers will always purchase the Merkurs Talisman before venturing into Many-eyed Bush, normally readily available from vendors camping just outside the Redwood Forest, as they know that it offers a blessing and protection against those with the many-eyes. The light of Merkurs will act as your guide and also the bane of your enemies.

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