Patron exclusive adventure - collaboration with Elven Tower
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In 'For the Round Table!', a group of adventurers travels to the legendary castled city of Camelot. Once there, they stay in Camelot's Ale and Spirits, one of the most popular taverns in town. The heroes will be contacted by Merlin, the court's wizard and King Arthur's advisor. He needs them for the most important jobs of them all.
It has been 10 years since Mordred, the King's son, murdered the entire Order of the Round Table and divided the fabled table into 12 pieces. For a decade, Camelot has been lost in the darkness without the knights of the order. But things may change now, a new group of heroes has arrived in town! 
This is an adventure that brings the heroes to one of Mordred's lairs within the Dark Woods. There, they must search and investigate to learn the location of the table pieces. If they succeed, they may as well change the fate of the entire city, and earn King Arthur's favor. And why not? Perhaps it is time to join the ranks of the new Order of the Round Table!

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