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Below you will find a list of all Chibbin Sage content that has been released on Patreon. The animated maps have been labelled with their corresponding canvas size.
M.P.H Enchanted Bookstore  -  30x30@70pps
Tetra Village  -  30x30@70pps
Blade of The Procession  -  30x30@70pps
Dawns Greenland  -  30x30@70pps
Witch Hut  -  30x30 @ 70pps
Taurian Trail  -  30x26@70pps
Rivet Bunker  -  30x30@70pps
Piscesius Prison  -  30x30@70pps
Yule Cave (Krampus Lair)  -  30x30@70pps
Swamp Road  -  30x30@70pps
Kaaw Canyon  -  9x16@70pps
Link Street  -  17x12@140pps
Pathfinder Temple  -  20x20@70&140pps
The Old Way Station  -  15x15@70pps&140pps
Desert Locomotive  -  1080p
Night Club  -  1080p
Little Coor River's Edge  -  1080p
Ship In The Aether  -  1080p
SciFi Rooftops  -  720p&1080p
The Den  -  720p&1080p
Battlefield  -  720p+1080p
Wand Shop  -  18x27@140pps
Halls Of The Menasheh  -  30x30@70pps+140pps
Twelvecycles Grassland  -  30x30@70pps
The Moors Of Danaan  -  30x30@70pps
Haawit Cave  -  30x30@70pps
Crane Lake  -  30x30@70pps
Fibbi Cave  -  34x21@70pps
Old Venus Trail  -  
The Royal Vaults  -  24x24@90pps
Jager Serpent 18x9@70pps&140pps
Potion Shop  -  11x18@70pps&140pps
Whistle Binkie's Weapon Emporium  -  15x15@70pps&140pps

The Raft  -  1080p
Electric Highway  -  1080p
The Under-Bridges  -  1080p
Yoker Hollow  -  1080p
A Gate Within The Depths  -  1080p
Airship  -  720p&1080p
Withered Hubert's Cave  -  720p&1080p
Vaas' Bridge  -  1080p

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